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Export and selling of tahini, tahini halva, tahini halva with vanilla, tahini halva with cocoa, tahini halva with pistachio, grape molasses and import of sesame. Having established by eight partners in 1975, aim of HELTA FOOD INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. CO. is to keep alive halva and tahini by combining experience and technological equipments. Reaching quality standards by combining taste, price and availability, HELTA operates in its own combined facility which is located on 1250 m2 closed area and produce tahini which is the main ingredients of tahini halva in the same facility. One of the other purpose of company which sells a major part of the annual production in domestic market, is to increase market share in foreign market and introduce these flavors to the world. Competing for the purpose of offering more qualified, cheaper products and faster service, HELTA offers traditional Turkish flavors; tahini and halva for over a quarter of a century by adopting the principle of qualified raw material - qualified product. Expanding product range day by day, our company follows today's requirements to be a well known brand.

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Germany, Australia

Molasses, Halva, Halwa, Halwa With Pistachio, Cacao Halva, Halva With Cocoa, Tahini, Tahini Halva, Tahina, Sesame Oil, Grape Molasses, Tahini Halva With Cocoa, Tahini Halva With Pistachio, Halva With Pistachio, Vanilla Halva, Traditional Turkish Desserts, Traditional Turkish Food, Tahini Halva With Vanilla, Halva With Vanilla, Tahini Halwa, Tahini Halwa With Vanilla, Tahini Halwa With Pistachio, Tahini Halwa With Cocoa, Halwa With Vanilla, Halwa With Cocoa

Established Date: 1975  Tax Office: Gökpınar  Tax Number: 4610018356  Staff Count: 11-25  Export Specialist: Celal NARİN