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Our story began in 2004 with a missing feeling for our mothers’ homemade jams. We started production on the basis of natural homemade jams. From the very first day of our production, we added new and different flavors to our product group without any change in quality. Our main goal was to manufacture products acccording to the international standards as well as progress in quality policies and continoues success. Customer satisfaction as our point of view, we do our best to join the most healthiest flavors we take from nature with the end user. Along with this, we are growing day by day by openning new doors in exports. We are exporting to many markets all over the world having already proved our quality. To be preferred and selected by selling points in the region with our products and service quality. To continue and protect our products’ taste and quality from the past to the present with our “natural non-additive products” slogan
Our company has been producing quality traditional Turkish Tahin Halwa, Sesame Oil, Boiled Grape Juice and Turkish delights since 1965 like handmade special laceworks. Best Quality and hygiene is our first and continuous principle since our first establisment.
Export and selling of tahini, tahini halva, tahini halva with vanilla, tahini halva with cocoa, tahini halva with pistachio, grape molasses and import of sesame. Having established by eight partners in 1975, aim of HELTA FOOD INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. CO. is to keep alive halva and tahini by combining experience and technological equipments. Reaching quality standards by combining taste, price and availability, HELTA operates in its own combined facility which is located on 1250 m2 closed area and produce tahini which is the main ingredients of tahini halva in the same facility. One of the other purpose of company which sells a major part of the annual production in domestic market, is to increase market share in foreign market and introduce these flavors to the world. Competing for the purpose of offering more qualified, cheaper products and faster service, HELTA offers traditional Turkish flavors; tahini and halva for over a quarter of a century by adopting the principle of qualified raw material - qualified product. Expanding product range day by day, our company follows today's requirements to be a well known brand.
NURKOY SUSAM HALVA aims to produce natural, additive-free, high quality and healthy products with its experience of over 35 years in the sector. NURKOY SUSAM HELVA is taking firm steps towards its targets in the field of production, consciously in R&D, Sales, Marketing, Environment and Social Responsibility.
The history of Koska reaches back to the beginning of the 1900’s when Mr. Haci Emin originated his work in a halva shop in Denizli… Halil Ibrahim Adil Dindar who followed his father’s profession came to Istanbul in 1930 with his sons and opened a shop in an area named Koska. In time, he became famous with the taste of his original halva and deserts. They were named as the Koska Halva Makers because of their locality and registered this name as a brand. Besides halva, Koska started to produce Turkish delights, jam and nougats in their Topkapi factory established in 1974. In 1983 the brothers Mumtaz and Nevzat Dindar, decided to maintain their activities in their modern facilities built in Merter under the name of KOSKA HELVACISI MERTER. Continuously increasing the variety and quality of their products at this facility, Koska moved to the Avcilar-Ambarli crossing premises built on an 11,000 square metre land with an 18.000m2 indoor facility towards the end of 1998, and still continue production there today. Currently, the top management of Koska is the third generation, Chairman of the Board of Directors Nevzat Dindar. The children and nephews of Dindar are also working within the company as the fourth generation, and they are even forming plans for the future of their company with their grandchildren as the fifth generation.